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Student Testimonials

"Jen introduced me to aerial and I am now completely hooked and look forward to my class each week. She's patient, encouraging and most of all completely fun to work with! She is an amazing teacher and has taught me so much in a short amount of time."

- Caryn Audenried


"Jen is 100% wonderful. Not only is she a talented aerialist she is also a great teacher. She is patient, encouraging and very good at understanding her students' abilities and current levels. I started improving dramatically in aerial when I started taking her classes. Her classes are always fun and get you in great shape! Jen is also very knowledgable about how to practice aerial arts safely. She is amazing and a great person too! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn aerial arts."

- Kerry Boyle


"Jen is quite simply, an awesome instructor who manages to perfectly balance creativity with discipline. Her enthusiasm, encouragement and tough love has helped me to get off my butt and into the air!!! She is the BEST. She really gets to know you and where you are in your aerial journey, and then uses equal parts of enthusiasm and discipline to help challenge you and get you to the next level.”

-Erin Coffey


"Jen is the best - I can't wait for my classes with her each week!  With an emphasis on safety, she carefully demonstrates and breaks down everything that is taught so that her students fully understand how to navigate through a new move.  She's extremely encouraging and patient - something I really appreciate.  My strength and confidence in the air have increased immensely since I've started training with her!  And to top it all off, she's fun, too!"

-Stacy Dobrinsky

"Jennifer Kovacs offers fun and safe instruction that has given me a really solid technique to build my skills as an aerialist. She is great at breaking down new skills and making you feel comfortable on the apparatus."

 - Celia Smith


"Jen's class is AMAZING...not only is she the nicest & most patient person on Earth, her class has taught me to push past what I thought were my physical limits. Because of Jen, I'm doing things I never thought I could...totally addicted!!"

-Deneisha Thompson


"After being so intimidated by my first aerial experience that I almost gave up, I took a class with Jennifer. Aside from being an amazing performer, she is a very patient teacher who challenges you to grow but doesn't overwhelm a beginner like me. Jennifer is a rare combination - a natural talent who can teach advanced students, but knows how to make beginner students feel at ease."

- Lana Y


"We loved her class so much we recruited her for private classes."

- Body Collider Dance

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