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Create an unforgettable experience by adding an aerial element to your next event. Jennifer's strong dance background brings gorgeous lines, grace and beauty to her aerial performance. She combines strength and dynamic moves with fluidity creating a stunning and unique performance. Jennifer is available for local hire, anywhere in the US, or internationally. She carries specialty performers insurance and a valid US passport. Performances can be customized and catered to your theme. Please take a look at the offerings and the frequently asked questions below. For additional questions, concerns or for inquiries please email

Dubai Food Festival 2014

Dubai Food Festival 2014

Avaliable Acts

Silks (aerial fabric), Lyra (aerial hoop), Rope, Single Point Hammock, Double Point Hammock, Aerial Chain, Aerial Star, Partner Acts (Silks, Lyra, Hammock, Chain, Star), Group Choreography


Have a particular type of performace in mind that you don't see above? Feel free to let me know your idea and we can talk about the possibilities.


You can add an aerial performance to any event. Below are some examples:


Awards Ceremonies, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Batchelor/Batchelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, Casinos, Childrens Events, Commercials, Concerts, Corporate Events, Cruise Ships, Festivals, Nightclubs, Photography/Modeling, Videos, Weddings.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between an act and atmospheric aerial?

Typically an aerial act is about 5 minutes long, accompanied by music, and becomes the focal point of the event. These high-energy performances are unique and demand attention.


Atmosphere aerial runs between 7-10 minutes and is more low key. It is a way to add an aerial element to your event without being the center focus. It is NOT a high energy show. This type of aerial is perfect for cocktail parties or nightclubs.

What is the minimum height and rigging requirements needed for an aerial performance?

Most aerial performances need a minimum of 15 feet. Many venues are easily riggable, and I am happy to call your venue to discuss rigging options. Generally, equipment can be suspended off of structural support beams and trusses. If the venue dose not have an option to safely rig, it is possible to rent a portable rig for an additional fee.


An "easy rig" is included in my base price. For more complicated rigging I do work with a certified rigger, which would require an additional fee. Site visits for local events are also an option. Saftey takes priority.

How can I customize my event?

Please feel free to request any theme, color scheme, or music choice and I will do my best to accommodate. Most requests will fit in with my standard rate. If you have an elaborate costume or unique appertus request, there may be an additional charge. Let me know your ideas and we can talk about the possibilities.


I work with a varitety of talented artists so you can make your event as big as you would like! Ask about synchronized group choreography or exciting partnering acts. 

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No Rigging? No Problem! I own several freestanding rigs!

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