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Summer 2014 Modeling for Pastry Dance Shoes


March 26, 2014 write up about Jen's lyra class at Fly Fitness in Share the Glam:


Starting with the March 1, 2014 episode of SNL continuing through present episodes you can see Jennifer performing on Lyra in Opening Credits:


Link to aerial chains performance on NBC’s Jerry Springer (aired: October 11, 2014):


Brooklyn Paper’s review of Nutcracker Circus Suite. Directed and produced by Vertical Aerial Arts, an aerial dance company which Jennifer co-founded and ran from 2011 until early 2014:


Jen's hammock act gets a special mention in Quinn Batson's review ( on Jenny Rocha's The Dinner Party: A Whodunnit Caberette. 

'The cook also generates some heat, defying gravity in a lengthy fabric sling, in lingerie, until the climactic moment a mystery man deftly lifts himself into the fabric coccoon and slays her (Jennifer Kovacs).'


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